Used Wedding Dresses

                                 Used Wedding dress FAQ


Do you buy used wedding dresses?   

 Sometimes, but not as a rule.. The reason is  that the seller generally wants too much for the dress and we can't resell it at the price we need to make a profit. Also customers looking  for used dresses dont want to pay very much . 

Heres an example: Lets say you paid $600 for your dress and want to sell it for $400 or more. We can buy it new for that price at wholesale . Also we can't sell it at the new price if its used so your price is too high for us. We need to sell it for about $400 or $500 to make a profit so we can only pay about $200 or $250 at most. Then we have to wait around for the right buyer looking for a used dress and it can take awhile.  If it doesnt sell soon we have to lower the price until it does. Its a risk we take. If that works for you then we may be interested in your dress.


 What is the criteria for selling a used dress to you ?

 We may be interested in your dress is its less then 2 years old and is fully modest with sleeves etc .

We like the brands from Allure, Venus and Bliss for starters and may be interested in other modest dresses as well.

We would want popular styles and they need to be in excellent condition without stains, holes or tears.


Does the dress need to be cleaned ?

Yes we prefer that it be cleaned but  would look at one that is not if its in excellent condition.

We must clean it before it can go on the floor so we charge $50. to do that.


Will you take any size?

Yes we will take any size but we will only take what we are needing at the time if we decide  to buy your dress.


How can I show you my dress?

 If you live local  and meet all the criteria after  talking to us on phone or by email we will ask you to bring it in.

If you are not local we may ask you to email pictures and then ship it to us with an agreement that if its not what we want we will ship it back to you . You pay to ship it we will pay to ship it back.


How do you pay me if you buy my dress?

We will pay you at the time we decide to take it once an agreement has been signed  if you are local. If not we will need to email or send an agreememnt for you to sign and fax or scan back to us by email. We will give you a company check for amount agreed upon and the deal will be considered done.