Buyer Beware INFO

(We are not BRIDAL BLVD or associated with them in anyway.) 


Our full name is BOULEVARD BRIDAL & PROM  from St George, Utah



Copies of name brand products are everywhere theses days.
Please be aware that if the cost is 1/2 or less then the original name brand item
then assume its a copy and  not from the origianal manufacturer.



Purchase  locally or at least use an online store who has a brick and mortar or physical store in the US of A.

Any retailer online can be checked out and should be before you purchase. 


By purchasing here in the states you also keep your money here, local businesses open and jobs here as well.

 If it was threatening your livelihood how would you think about it then?

We have had many disappointed customers who come in crying because they received  a dress that wasnt even close to what 

they thought they had ordered for their wedding. Don't let your self get scammed like that.